6 Ways To Support a Friend Through Hard Times

We’ve all been there. Hard times. It’s not a fun place to be for anyone. God knows what he’s doing even if we don’t get it. Times like this we can help our friends and loved ones through them. Sometimes the simple things mean the most to us when things are hard. I’d like to share a few ideas that you can do for someone.


  1. Pray for them. This is something so simple that if you’re not sure what else to do.


  1. Invite them either out for coffee or to your house for some. Let them talk about the issues. Be an ear for them.


  1. Don’t make it about you. When I say this, I mean…don’t say how bad it’s affecting you and such what they’re going through. They don’t want or need to hear that at this time. They need support.


  1. Leave a basket with all their favorite things in them. Some examples would be one with candles in them, bath bomb or salts. You could always do one with movies they like, popcorn and other treats. Just leave the basket on the porch, text them saying you’ve left it. Put a card in there saying, if you need anything I’m here for you. Some people want to be left alone during hard times, so this way you’re honoring that but showing you care, too.


  1. If they have children offer to watch them for a few hours so they can regroup.


  1. Hug them. Sometimes this simple gesture is all a person needs.


These are just a few ideas that you can do for a loved one or a friend to help them out. I’d love to hear about other ideas that you have. What are some other ways you can be there for someone who’s having a hard time?

A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91Allyson is a published author, blogger, wife and mom to 4 kids. Three of her children are on the autism spectrum. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  On her blog, you can find her writing about being an author, her faith, and family.  She resides in Missouri with her loving husband and four wonderful children, and three cats. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

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