6 Types of Friends you need in your Life

My friends are one of the greatest blessings in my life.  We have weathered many storms, and celebrated many victories.  I learn from each of them on a daily basis, and they mirror back to me how I am doing personally, and in general as a human being.  I have never really categorized my friends into types before, but I have realized the purpose they all have in my life.

The Best Friend:  In my case We call each other (Best Good Friend) we tell each other everything. Someone you can be your complete self with no apologies.  You stand by each other’s side when the world seems like it’s against you.  They get you in the deepest sense.

The Caretaker: We all need a little help now and again and a friend who proudly plays the role of caretaker will never leave you wanting for more support.

Caretakers are the ones who remember the little things about you, who check in on you, and are the first ones to volunteer a helping hand. These sorts of friends are selfless givers who work towards the happiness of others.

Not only does having a caretaker friend benefit your social circle, it also makes you a more compassionate person. Research into understanding empathy has found that exposure to compassionate people causes our minds to match the same level of compassion we are picking up.

The Adventurer:  The friend that helps you challenges you to push your limits, to face your fears.  They inspire a sense of wonder and awe at the world around you.  They are there to share with you the wonders of the world.  They help you to get out of your head

The Planner:  The friend who creates opportunities to spend time together as a group of friends.  They make it a priority to keep friendships from falling off.  They are in a sense glue.  Keeping the bonds of friendship strong.

The Truth Teller:  The friend that will tell you like it is, so you don’t make a dumb decision.  They are a mirror, they reflect back your mistakes in a way that is constructive and helpful without being hurtful.  Never underestimate the power of good constructive criticism, it helps you grow as a person.

The Funny Friend:  “Laughter is the best medicine.”  That Friend who when all else fails can make you smile, or laugh, and forget your troubles for a moment.  A good laugh is therapeutic.  When your mind is so overwhelmed with stress laughter gives you an escape.  They can help you remember funny happy moments from your life, and help you escape from negative thoughts.

“I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff. “– Jon Katz

Karen is a great listener and a solid shoulder to lean on. She has a degree in History and English and a diploma in Counselling Skills. She struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. She understands the importance of having someone to talk to about your struggles. She loves singing, researching her genealogy, cheering for her favorite hockey teams, swimming, hiking and spending time with friends.

You can follow Karen on Twitter.

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