Just Because I Look Okay, Doesn’t Mean I Am

For a while now I’ve been threatening to write a book about fighting against the stigmas placed on Mental and Physical illnesses, especially in reference to invisible disabilities. When exactly did it become a social norm to judge what a person may be going through inside themselves?
For me, my physical illnesses play a large role in my mental and emotional health. Although I’ve never had one say that I didn’t personally look “sick” or “disabled” because I’m in a wheelchair and they can’t, I have been known to be emotional because of my pain, to the point that it’s random outburst of emotion that is hard to explain.
Anxiety and depression are things that I’ve had to deal with and will continue to deal with as long as I have physical pain. Crying is involved, a lot of crying. Sometimes I get angry and overreact to trivial things. The problem with chronic headaches is that it’s easy to be overly stimulated, and eventually, it’s really hard to function. It’s frustrating. A lot of times I just don’t want to do it anymore, but I look okay to everyone that doesn’t know me personally, except for the whole wheelchair thing.
The more the stigma around invisible illnesses like anxiety and depression and a lot of other serious illnesses spreads, the more isolated the people suffering will feel. The division is the problem, please don’t assume to know how a person feels on the inside, be compassionate and listen. There is hope, you’re not alone. You are appreciated, loved and blessed. Keep fighting!



Melanie Hickox is 25, she lives in a small town in NC, and she is a newly-wed. Melanie is a mommy to a fur baby, and her life revolves around her two passions in life, writing, and the human thought process. Melanie loves connecting with everyone, come talk with her.

3 thoughts on “Just Because I Look Okay, Doesn’t Mean I Am

  1. This is a wonderful message. I totally agree that just because I look okay doesn’t mean I feel okay. I deal with anxiety and depression and chronic pain. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  2. Thanks for posting this because I’ve been asked this question a lot and mental illnesses just don’t have a face all of the time. Well said!

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