A Letter To My Significant Other…

Dear Significant Other,

Today I was depressed.

You and I both knew it. We don’t have to say it out loud when I can’t get out of bed. I laid there, unable to move. I couldn’t get my head on straight to face the day. I know it’s frustrating and I feel horrible. It makes me more depressed. But it’s not your fault. There’s so much that isn’t your fault.

You made me coffee, and it meant so much to me, even though I didn’t ever get to drinking it. You worked extra hard to take care of work today and the kids, and you even made sure they ate supper even though we both know you can’t cook. But you did it anyway.

You let me be. You checked on me, even if I was cranky. You held me close when you got a moment, and you were patient. You did everything I couldn’t. You didn’t insult me or call me lazy. No, today I got to ride my episode like I needed to.

I just want you to know that you’re my rock. You hold me through the tough times, and don’t let the world chew me up and spit me out. You let me check out when I can’t check out, and I have no idea how you do it.

Today I was depressed, and you loved me anyway. You loved me in ways that are difficult. I know you were tired, and it didn’t feel good to do everything. I know you needed me, but I couldn’t be there for you.

So, here’s to tomorrow. Maybe I will still be depressed, and not my best. But, because of you, I might be able to get out of bed. I might be able to make coffee for you or cook a meal. I might be able to get the kids from school. But, I couldn’t do it without you and all of your unconditional love.

With all my heart,




Jessica is a writer, blogger, and teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University and manages the blog The Science of Genesis. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, a good book or movie, and good conversation. Still battling her own mental illness, she spends much of her time learning how to help herself and others. Jessica has an eating disorder, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. She has also experienced trauma, including domestic violence. She seeks to live a happy, healthy life through treatment and striving every day.

You can follow Jessica on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Significant Other…

  1. I feel the same about my husband. Thank God for them! Glad you have somebody in your life as a significant other that treats you right!

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