A Few Clever Life Hacks Anyone With Anxiety Need To Know

There are many ways to deal with or cope with anxiety. The problem is sometimes in a time of anxiety we just can’t think of what to do. I have had anxiety and panic attacks since I was quite young. I can remember being freaked at a movie theatre at around age seven, panicking at a sleepover at age twelve and having test anxiety all through my school career. I have learned some handy ways to cope over the years and one great thing about most of these coping mechanisms is that they can be free or readily available and accessible.

Here are some of my life hacks to get out of anxious mode…

  • Get outside- go for a walk or simply go somewhere to be in the fresh air. If your walking the exercise is great on its own! But you can also do some mindful or grounding exercises while you are out there to help take your mind off of the disturbing thoughts. You can think of things you are feeling (sun on face, feet on ground, etc.), list 5 things you see or hear or notice what you smell.
  • Talk to a friend – Often when I panic I call or text a friend or family member. After talking it out I am often quick to realize that what I am worried about is a little irrational or I am just able to calm hearing someone else’s perspective.
  • DO IT ANYWAY – Sometimes when your anxious or fearful getting out and doing that exact thing your scared of yields results you never expected!
  • Breathe! – Take time out to focus on your breath. A few deep breaths in and out can be so calming.
  • Spend time with others – spending time with people you love can bring love, laughs, fun and a much needed break!
  • Take care of you – Take quiet time, take a day off, eat well, sleep well- taking care of you is so important!

Different things work for different people. If you find you try lots of coping methods that are not working — please ask for help!


20170628_234727Lisa is a mom and a child and youth care worker. She sees the potential in others and likes to go beyond labels. She has an anxiety disorder that sometimes hits various areas of her life. She has discovered mindfulness practice and it has become a great source of relaxation. Lisa would like to share stories, motivate and encourage others to become the best version of themselves. Lisa loves reading, music, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, family time, nature and people.
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3 thoughts on “A Few Clever Life Hacks Anyone With Anxiety Need To Know

  1. I have found that counting helps me relax during anxiety, too. Just focusing on the counting helps me to think about something else. 🙂 Thanks for the great tips.

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