4 Things to add to your morning routine to peak productivity

In an ever-changing world we live in whether it be in politics to how we do our shopping, we are always looking at ways to help ourselves become more efficient in our daily routines and to peak our productivity either within our working lives, within our home environment or with study and extracurricular activities.

So you may be asking yourself or seeking ways to better increase your productivity first thing in the morning before our day even officially starts – to become more focused, energetic and most of all productivity.

In today’s post we will be looking at 4 things to add to your morning routine to peak your productivity.

1. Preparation

For the majority of us mornings can be quite chaotic at the best of times, but by taking a bit of extra planning the night before you can go a long way to minimizing the morning stress.

Some good ways to prepare yourself may be to prepare your breakfasts and lunches ahead of time, making sure that you have your clothes out the night before, having the timer on your coffee machine set, and making sure that you have your handbags/briefcase/laptop ready and waiting in a convenient place in order to make things easier when you leave the house.

2. To Do List

By starting your day with a prioritized list of goals, tasks and actions can help you make more productive decisions throughout the day and keep you on track in order for you to complete those all-important tasks.

Other options you may want to try if you’re looking for something different or not good at sticking to a to-do-list may be either the 7 or 15 Minute Routine, where by you give yourself the designated time of your choosing to think, breathe, doodle, brainstorm, make plans, or even new ideas.  Who knows what new ideas you could come up with over the course of a month and where they may lead too.

3. Exercise

Making sure that you are moving and working out can make a huge part of creating and setting out to creating massive success.  You may think that you need to be in perfect shape in order to achieve this, but you have to move your body to move your brain and ideas around.

You may be thinking that you have time to fit in exercise in the morning or you need to go the gym before you start work in order to achieve this.  For some of us going to the gym may be how they choose to exercise in the morning, but also check out the apps on your smart phones such as the 7 Minute Workout if you want to changing things around.

4. Quiet Time

Spending 15 to 30 minutes in quiet – whether that’s doing meditation, prayer, yoga or simply with a cuppa coffee contemplating the day can help broaden your perspective and give you a calmer, more proactive outlook on the day.



AmandaAmanda Ogden is from Sydney, Australia and has spent the past 13 years working within the welfare industry in both administration and case management assisting people with mental health issues, mild intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, drug & alcohol, homelessness gain employment.  She also loves travelling, creating jewelry, music, friends and family.

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