Maybe you have a friend or a family member that you’re concerned about. In the back of your mind, you wonder if they have an eating disorder. Today, I want to discuss some of the signs and symptoms. Please remember that they might not show any of these and still be struggling, but these are the most common.

  • They’ve had a dramatic weight loss.
  • Refusing to eat certain foods. They might also keep adding more and more foods to their no food list.
  • Food ritual might start. Like they have to eat in a certain order, or over chewing. (one thing I did was hold food in my mouth and always go to the bathroom after.)
  • Maintains an excessive, rigid exercise regimen – despite weather, fatigue, illness, or injury
  • Fears being fat like they think they are and yet are way underweight.
  • Cuts and calluses across the top of finger joints (a result of inducing vomiting)
  • dry brittle nails and hair
  • Their cheeks can be sunken in like from being too skinny.

These are just a few of the symptoms or issues that can be present with someone with an eating disorder. You can read about more over at National Eating Please help out the family member or friend if they’re suffering from this because it can save their life.

A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91Allyson is a published author, blogger, wife and mom to 4 kids. Three of her children are on the autism spectrum. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  On her blog, you can find her writing about being an author, her faith, and family.  She resides in Indiana with her loving husband and four wonderful children, dog, and three cats. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

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