How can you protect your mental health during the holidays?

How can you protect your mental health during the holidays? This is such a good question. It can be hard. At times I struggle with this myself. Being back around extended family now after years away has made it harder. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom if things get too overwhelming or there’s stress. Take some deep breaths and pray for peace and guidance or whatever it is you need to get through. Try and limit time around those who might trigger things for you. Don’t feel bad about leaving early if that’s what you need to. If the situation could be so bad for your mental health decline the invitation. I know that can be hard cause most of us want to be around friends and family at this time of the year. With my kiddos on the spectrum, I’m very protective of them with sensory issues. Take things that will help them if you or they get overwhelmed. When you get home, take the time to unwind. Color if that helps you, or whatever else it is. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Maybe start at the start of the holiday season and see what can be done to help you.

A771C9116D8B405ABE4B32ECB63F7D91Allyson is a published author, blogger, wife and mom to 4 kids. Three of her children are on the autism spectrum. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.  On her blog, you can find her writing about being an author, her faith, and family.  She resides in Indiana with her loving husband and four wonderful children, dog, and three cats. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

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