How 2019 will be my BEST YEAR YET!

Another new year is upon us and for once in my life, I feel motivated and excited for the new year. I usually feel a little down after Christmas and feel worried about what the new year will bring. Does anyone else feel that way? It’s like my generalized anxiety gets the best of me and I start worrying about what will happen in the new year. This time my strategy is different, I am making an effort to channel all that nervous energy into EXCITEMENT. I notice that since I am super sensitive to my own thoughts and feelings, I automatically associate change with anxiety. However, I am learning that it can just be pent up energy and doesn’t have to be anxiety at all! It can be channeled into whatever I want it to be, and for the new year, I am making an effort to channel my pent-up energy into excitement and motivation to challenge my negative thought patterns. I am creating some promises to myself for this year, and I would love to share them!


Firstly, I am launching my first ever online course with my business bestie, Kasey. We are working really hard on it, and finally, are focused on completing it, so in the first quarter of 2019, we will be focusing on creating it and cultivating it and getting it DONE. So, we are super excited about that!


Around the second quarter of the year, I am going on an amazing trip to the UK to visit my husband’s family and to Santorini, Greece to FINALLY meet one of my dear clients during her mastermind. I have NEVER been to the UK and I visited family in Greece about 16 years ago, but it will be the first time we visit Santorini which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! I will admit, I AM anxious about all this travel, as I am not a good flyer/traveler. I get homesick and I don’t enjoy being away from home, but I am dedicated to this trip in order to challenge myself and push past my comfort zone, so I am turning the anxiety into excitement! It will be a journey of self-discovery, making connections and challenging myself to do scary things. Also, having FUN needs to be a priority or else what’s the point of going, right?


After coming back from that big trip, we will be focusing on selling our condo, because it is tiny, and we have definitely outgrown it. As you must conclude by now, I am not a fan of change, but I KNOW this will be for the best because my son still does not have his own room, just his toddler bed in our room. Three people in 600 square feet is pretty cramped quarters, lol. So, we are eager to get out of here and into a bigger home. I don’t know where it will be, but I know we can’t wait to get more space!


Finally, I have decided that 2019 will be all about doing more of what I love. I work so much that I find at the end of the day, I look back on what I accomplished, and I don’t recall taking any time to do anything that lights me up. So, the new year will involve more ME time and more FUN. I am a total introvert so my fun might not be the same as your fun, I like reading books, going for long drives, listening to nerdy movie soundtracks, building LEGOs and watching Game of Thrones. I always make time to exercise but I NEED to make time to do the things I love or else I get serious burnout.


Overall, I am going to make 2019 my best year yet because I’m choosing excitement over anxiety and choosing to have way more FUN!

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2019!


Ellenie is a wife and mom to one amazing and spirited little boy. She is a social media manager and virtual assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a special focus on generalized anxiety disorders and OCD. She has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks her whole life. Ellenie has been finding positive ways to conquer her mental battles every day and would love to share them with anyone who also suffers from an anxiety disorder. She also has Crohn’s Disease and has written about living with its struggles and raising a young baby. Ellenie lives in Montreal, Quebec, but is planning on traveling a lot in the near future. She loves to stay active and eat healthily, a few of the key lifestyle changes that have helped her with her mental and physical health struggles.

You can find her on her websiteInstagramPinterest and Facebook.

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