One might not think learning to accept your mental illness would be liberating but it can be. I’m serious. At least for me and my anxiety and panic attacks. Does it stop either from happening? No. I can’t say that it won’t ever freak me out really bad, but I can know that I can get help for it. I have skills to help me and my family deal with this.

You can learn coping skills for your mental illness. Imagine never getting diagnosed and not learning how to deal. I don’t think anyone wants to do that.

You can know that your issues and symptoms matter. I think with getting validation for this, it helps in the treatment.

Over time you learn to accept you for you. No apologies. This is how you were made flaws, illness and all.

A closer walk with God. For some, it might make them turn away from God. I know I did. I struggled. I mean really struggled when I’d have panic attacks. I wouldn’t open my Bible for days or months. I slowly turned back to him. It took time, but you know what God is there for you. He knows what you’re going through.

As you learn to get a handle on your mental illness, you can help others. Maybe a friend is newly diagnosed or a family member, or co-worker. You can point them in directions for help.

I know when I had no clue what was going on. I thought I was dying. Looking back now I know it was a crazy thought to have. I seriously thought it was tons of medical issues, even though I was healthy and had my yearly examine’s done. Just so many things went through my mind. Once I found out what it was and that I was in no harm. I calmed down. I learned how to calm myself.

You learn to do a lot of self-love. It’s hard, so hard. You can do it. You will learn how. I can’t say just how freeing it is to get a handle on your mental illness. Remember pray, read your Bible, and be kind to yourself as you’re learning.


  1. My anxiety flares up at unexpected times. I can feel a change in my body, Over the years, I have learned to recognize my symptoms. I am thankful for doctors who have helped me. In the past, I was embarrassed to share about my anxiety and depression. Nowadays, I share in hopes of helping others know they are not alone. 🙂

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