When to Take a Mental Health Day

 What is a “Mental Health Day?”

A mental health day is a personal day set aside to prioritize mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Whether that day is on a weekend or setting aside time during the week, a mental health day allows you to take a break from the strains of your daily responsibilities and work. Because a mental health day looks different for everyone, it’s important to reflect on what’s best depending on your needs. Self-care is the main priority and allowing yourself time to re-center and focus helps you to gain more energy to get back into your daily groove.

A mental health day can look like watching your favorite tv show, staying in with pets, hanging out with friends and family, taking a trip to the doctor, writing, reading, drawing, or simply getting enough rest.  The only person that will know what is needed during a mental health day is you and giving yourself permission to take off a day is necessary to feel your best.

Your mind, emotional state, and body are all connected and as you connect with yourself and your needs, figuring out when you need a mental health day will become clear.

How to Know When You Need a Mental Health Day

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you reflect on whether you need a mental health day:  

  • How do you feel?
  • When was the last time you felt energized?
  • Are you able to focus on your daily tasks?
  • Are you constantly exhausted or irritated?
  • Do you have an appetite?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been running on autopilot?
  • Have you been sleeping?
  • Are you feeling constantly depressed or anxious?

Excessive exhaustion, irritability, lack of focus and appetite, anxiety, and depression are all signs of burn out and possible stress.  If you are experiencing these symptoms, a mental health day may be necessary to feel good again.

Taking a break is necessary and although we may be used to overworking ourselves, we cannot be at our best if we are constantly stressed and drained. To be our best for ourselves and our loved ones means prioritizing self-care and getting enough rest.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Remember to take care of yourself first even if you find yourself swamped with a million things to do. You cannot put your best foot forward if you are exhausted and unable to be the best you can be. It’s okay to take a step back and practice self-care whatever form that takes for you. Be gentle with yourself.


Nina is a Latina from Brooklyn, NY who struggles with depression and anxiety.  She finds refuge and healing through her writing since she graduated from college in 2016.  Nina writes to spread awareness and hope to those who struggle with their mental health silently. She also strives to motivate and encourage self-acceptance.  She enjoys creating creative and uplifting content on her blog SparklyWarTanks.com where she shares her experiences, notes, poems, quotes, and articles

You can find her on her websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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