Understanding the Strengths in Utilizing Your Emotions

The Challenge with Discussing Emotions

What does it mean to show too much emotion? What does it mean to show too little? When discussing emotions and emotional regulation we tend to shift in the direction of extremes— the circumstances that reveal either lack of control or not showing any at all.

What we find when there is a lack of discussion surrounding a progressive understanding of emotions are those extreme cases where the emotions are seen as weaknesses.  Showing too much means we are fragile and unstable while showing too little means we can’t process what is going on around us, making us cold-hearted.  Emotions make us living beings who are multifaceted and unique.  What we do with our emotions reveal our ability to feel and understand our experiences.  Whether we cry, feel anger, sadness, embarrassment, guilt, anxiety, confusion, jealousy, or shyness means that we are alive, capable of perception and knowledge.

Healthy Ways to Process Emotions

The middle ground when discussing and exploring the plethora of emotions is where we can build and accept our ability to feel. We are not “too much” or “too little” of anything and saying yes to our emotions is ok. Instead of being ashamed or embarrassed, we instead slowly begin to give ourselves permission to feel without judgment or ridicule. The more we become in tune with self-awareness and self-regulation, the closer we become to understanding why we are experiencing an emotion. This, therefore, will help us make the necessary steps to improve, heal, and move forward with feeling how we want to feel.

While positive emotions give hope, negative emotions help us to progress, process, grow and move forward. Understanding our emotions mean understanding ourselves and who we want to be.  Growth is asking “what is happening?” and “how do I improve?” It’s easy to become what we don’t know how to move past. Until we can sit in the discomfort of what is happening to us, we will not be ready to open the conversation and transform our views on better ways to cope with our emotions.

Reminder: There is nothing wrong with asking for help when necessary.

Next Steps

There is no shame in having and showing emotions. Showing emotions is not a weakness.  Discussing and being comfortable saying yes to emotions is what will help build empathy, emotional intelligence, and knowledge around emotional awareness. Allow yourself to feel today. Then, after you feel, ask yourself why you are feeling that way.  Take steps in self-care in order not to self-indulge in the negative. It’s time to welcome in the positive. It’s okay to feel.



Nina is a Latina from Brooklyn, NY who struggles with depression and anxiety.  She finds refuge and healing through her writing since she graduated from college in 2016.  Nina writes to spread awareness and hope to those who struggle with their mental health silently. She also strives to motivate and encourage self-acceptance.  She enjoys creating creative and uplifting content on her blog SparklyWarTanks.com where she shares her experiences, notes, poems, quotes, and articles

You can find her on her websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Understanding the Strengths in Utilizing Your Emotions

  1. Amen. “There is nothing wrong with asking for help when necessary.” The more people that hear this and read this, the more people will get help. Thank you for this timely message.

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