How to protect yourself from bullying on Social Media

In a society where each and every one of us uses some form of social media platform within our day to day lives. Whether its on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter to connect with our friends and family to share things that are going on in our lives, as well as being able to follow our favourite celebrities, influences, political leaders or to check out new products.

With access to theses social media platforms there is also the flip side to it, where by we witness bullying on social media on a daily basis. Bullying through social media is just as harmful to an individual and can be sometimes even worse, as it’s hard to get away from and can reach people no matter where or what they are doing in their day to day life or where ever they maybe within the world. No type of bullying should ever be tolerated, especially when everyone can see it online.

If you have been bullied online, we know just how much it can damage our self-esteem, self-confidence and our overall mental heath and wellbeing, which is why it is so important in this day and age to know how to protect yourself online.

Below are some ways in which you can protect yourself from bullying on Social Media:

  • Document the Abuse

By documenting the abuse such as keeping copies of the emails, taking screenshots of comments that can be left through social media channels, where by it documents the bully’s activities and comments. This can be important evidence down the line.

  • Report

No matter which social media platform you use, there can be times where by the bullying can get out of hand. When this occurs make sure that you report the abuse straight away through the correct channels with the social media platform in which you use. By doing this it will make them aware of the situation and to take the necessary actions.

  • Block and un-friend

By blocking and un-friend the bully through apps such as Facebook and Instagram, it allows you block the other users so that they can no longer interact with you.

Amanda OgdenAmanda Ogden is from Sydney Australia, and has spent the past 13 years working within the welfare industry in both administration and case management assisting people with mental health issues, mild intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, drug & alcohol, homelessness gain employment. She also loves travelling, creating jewellery, music, friends and family.

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