Our 2020 Mental Health Goals

January is the month of New Year Resolutions. People everywhere are making goals for the year. So this year, we decided to do the same – specifically for our mental health. Here are some of the mental health goals of a few mental health warriors!


My mental health goals for 2020 are to recharge daily. Take time each and every day to feel refreshed and break from the busy-ness of work or life. To read regularly and spend lots of time with family. Pay attention to myself and realize when I need a break. And then actually take the break!

– Nichole


My mental health goals for 2020 are to respect and honour my boundaries, both personally and professionally and to stop breaking promises to myself. I’m on a healing mission to look at and really feel and process events that come up in my life rather than trying to push everything under the rug, which has always been my go-to move. Writing and journaling have been a great tool that I have discovered for this process this year and I plan to do even more in 2020.

– Tamara


My mental health goals are to:
1. Be gentle and patient with my progress.

2. Continue going to therapy and expressing my needs and concerns with my mental health.

3. Give myself time to rest and recuperate from long workdays.

4. Take one day at a time and continue to open myself up to opportunities and ways I can help the mental health community.

– Nina


My mental health goal is to remember to relax when I begin to have a panic attack. I want to remember to relax my shoulders and take deep breaths.

– Melissa


My mental health goals are:

1) being kind to myself taking quiet time, treating myself to a spa treatment once and awhile.

2) connecting my physical to my mental health. Taking more time to go for hikes, walks and swimming.

3) feeding my creativity. Taking time to do art therapy more.

4) taking quick moments everyday to check in with myself and breathe.

– Karen

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