5 Ways to Let Go of Anger

5 Ways to Let Go of Anger

Have you ever felt such righteous anger that you just can’t let it go? Someone has hurt you so much and you’re angry. You’re mad at them for what they did, the way they made you feel, and it’s really hard to move beyond that betrayal.

But if you don’t move on, you’re holding yourself back. You’re letting that anger take up space in your head and heart that could be filled with good and healthy things. 

Then how do you let go of the anger and propel yourself forward?

First and foremost, pray. You’ve got to take it to God. He is the first place we should go with our pain, worries, concerns, and fears. Pray about it without ceasing. Pray for the situation, how you feel, and when you can, pray for that person. 

Second, get in the Word. What does the Bible say about anger, righteous anger, and what to do with it?  What does the Bible say about what the person did to you? Check out some studies that deal with overcoming anger. 

Third, try to talk to the person you’re angry at. Can you discuss what happened and make peace with them? Perhaps the person has passed away or refuses to speak with you. If that’s the situation, write them letters sharing your feelings. Getting your feelings out on paper-the good, bad, and ugly-is cathartic and might help more than you realize. 

Four, try to forgive them. What? Forgive someone I’m mad at? Is it possible? Maybe. Consider it. Pray about that as well.

Fifth, if none of the above have led to resolution, peace, and release from the anger, talk to someone. Talk to your pastor or biblical therapist; someone trained in dealing with conflict. Lay out the situation and purge yourself of the feelings wrapped up in what happened. An uninvolved third party can offer a perspective we don’t have when we’re in the situation. They can help you gain clarity and offer tools to more effectively cope with your anger.

Anger is normal, but we don’t ever want it to go to an extreme, become dangerous or take over our lives. Deal with it immediately and be gentle with yourself in the process. 

One thought on “5 Ways to Let Go of Anger

  1. Amen. Anger can quickly take control if we let it. A simple situation can take a different turn in an instant. Pause, pray and take your anger to God. Taking my feelings to God always helps me have comfort and peace.

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