Unexpected Anxiety

Life is going along fine. Days are filled with love and laughter. My husband and I have moved again. Same neighborhood, just a different section. We’re finally living in what we hope is our “forever home”. 

My health has been good. Boxes from the move are unpacked. Pictures are hung on the walls. Furniture is arranged. I’m very happy.

We are able to see our three years old grandson, our son and daughter-in-love much more now that we are in South Carolina. The move from Virginia to South Carolina three years ago was a great decision.

Neighbors are friendly. We’ve been welcomed with open arms, smiles (even sometimes behind masks) and gracious words. We are blessed.

Then, it happened. I woke up one morning and unexpected anxiety crept into my body. 

Each morning, before my feet touch the floor, I begin thanking God. I thank Him for His love, His many blessings and more. 

As I opened my eyes on this particular morning, I began praising Him. Yet, the feeling that something was different caused concern.

My body felt fine. No aches or pains. No fever. Nothing had happened to make me anxious. I had enjoyed a restful night of sleep. Why was this happening?

That is the thing about anxiety. In my life, anxiety doesn’t have to be caused by a certain event or memory. Thoughts about the future and the “what if’s?” were not bothering me that morning.

I paused and remembered some tips that help me when “unexpected anxiety” happens. 

I took a deep breath in slowly and released the breath slowly.

I began praying and asking God for help with my anxiety.

I sat up slowly and looked around the bedroom. 

I remembered how my family is enjoying the new home.

I remembered that help is available.

After a time, my anxiety began to leave. Anxiety may return at some point, or maybe it won’t. I won’t let “unexpected anxiety” ruin my day. 

Today is a wonderful day. I hope and pray you are enjoying a wonderful day, too.


Melissa Henderson is a writer of inspirational messages. Her first book for children, “Licky the Lizard”, was released in 2018. She also has a story in the compilations “Heaven Sightings” and “Remembering Christmas”. She contributes articles and devotions to various magazines and websites. Her passions are helping in community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon and Stephen Minister. She and her husband Alan moved from Virginia to South Carolina to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grandchild. The family motto is “It’s Always A Story With The Hendersons”.

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13 thoughts on “Unexpected Anxiety

  1. Excellent and vulnerable piece, Melissa. So many people struggle with anxiety. Thank you for shining important light into this!

  2. I am so sorry for the uninvited and unexpected anxiety. I think most of us experience it on occasion. The enemy comes to steal our joy. I am thankful you found a way to give it to God and go on. Thanks for the encouragement to fight it.

  3. Melissa, I believe this article will help many others. I don’t want to venture a guess as to the cause. I have a few ideas, but the cause doesn’t make any difference. It’s how we handle the situation – which you did with wisdom. Thank you for this post.

  4. Melissa, thank you for this vulnerable post. Sometimes anxiety hits me with no explainable explanation. Other times, it is coming from an emotion and memory tied to a traumatic event. In either case, I know whom I have believed and trust the Lord to help me.

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