Why Video Calls Are So Draining

Video calls have become very useful during 2020. Even before the pandemic, video calls were often scheduled for business meetings, family chats and other events.

Due to recommendations from medical professionals, more meetings are held online now than ever before. More family visits are held via video chat. There are virtual doctor visits, which I have used several times.

These video calls have become a “norm” in many places. Writing groups are now meeting via video chat. There are times when a hybrid meeting works. Some people gather in person and others attend via video.

Families are choosing to play board games in this new way. Relatives are able to see each other when an “in person” visit isn’t possible.

With all these video calls, things are changing. In the beginning, there were people dressed in casual clothes. Now, for business agendas, the idea is to show up in “office attire”. This has been proven to give people a sense of normalcy, as if attending an “in person” meeting.These special gatherings are important, whether for business or personal.

I have started to notice a few things while participating in these scenarios that can make video chats draining. Some of these points have been shared within various groups.

1. If the meeting is too long, people begin to yawn or start looking down at their phone.

2. If there is not a break during the meeting, people will get up from their chairs and leave an empty room for other viewers to observe.

3. Lighting is important. Too dark and the viewers can’t see the other attendees. Too bright and the screen makes you look strange.

4. There is a button at the top of most screens where the camera is located. Teachers of video call etiquette ask you to look at the “light” when speaking. This will make you appear to be speaking to everyone in the group, not just one person or looking off to the side.

5. Try to remember to powder your face to keep the shine down. 

6. Check your volume. Know where the mute button is located.

7. Don’t touch your face during the call. ( Remembering this one is important.)

There are other suggestions to make the call successful. There are video tutorials about how to participate in a video call. (More videos to watch)

Video calls can be draining if we focus too much on the “small stuff”.

Yes, you can follow the list above or not. That is your choice.

Remember to notice if video calls are “draining” you or instead, enhancing your time.

Video calls are part of life for many people. Let’s see if we can make the best of those times and encourage each other.

To have an enjoyable and successful video chat, try these tips.

Pause, pray for a successful conversation and try not to focus on the things that can drain the fun out of the interaction. Take time to walk outside and enjoy God’s creations.

Have a blessed day,


Melissa Henderson is a writer of inspirational messages through fiction, non-fiction, devotions, guest blogs, articles and more. Her first book for children, “Licky the Lizard”, was released in 2018. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon and Stephen Minister. Her passions are helping in community and church. She hopes her experiences with anxiety and depression can show others they are not alone.

Follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter and at http://www.melissaghenderson.com

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