How Your Mental Health Affects Your Technology Use

Most of us have at least a “like” affair with technology. Especially this past year, it has been a lifeline for many. It has allowed people to stay in touch, to see each other through video chats, to continue their education, work at home, and even see your doctor or therapist. Technology can be good and it can be not so good. 

It’s more important than ever that we protect our mental health. We are coming out of a year where we’ve had the whole spectrum of feelings like fear, uncertainty, despair, frustration, confusion, and hopefully happiness, hope, love, and comfort. 

How can you use technology to best protect your mental health? Here are give ways: 

  1. Be discerning. Be careful what information you take in. If it’s upsetting you, go read a book or call a friend instead. There’s a lot online that can make us feel all sorts of uncomfortable things. Choose wisely what you consume. 
  1. Limit your time. Sometimes we can get online or on social media and all of a sudden, hours have passed. This isn’t good for your eyesight for one, but be smart with your time. Don’t get sucked in. You can even utilize settings on your phone that will alert you if you’ve been on a platform for whatever amount of time you’ve designated. Set parameters and healthy boundaries.
  1.  In addition to limiting your time on technology, be discerning about what you allow into your brain. Debates, comparing your life to others, and so on can be mentally draining. Protect your peace. Use technology for what benefits you only.
  1. Find ways to help others while helping yourself. There are great support groups on social media for specifics like an illness, etc. You can offer help to others while being encouraged. But again, their experience is not your experience so make sure you filter everything through your lens of intelligence and use wisdom.
  1.  Utilize technology but stay in touch with people in “real life.” Make sure you’re spending time with the people in the room, in your house, and whoever is around you physically. Use technology in whatever way is healthy and don’t allow it to take away time from those closest to you in real life. Those relationships need to be nurtured and kept healthy. 

Take care of yourself. Protect your peace and your mental and emotional health. 

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