“I’m not okay.” [Being a business owner shouldn’t change that.]

It’s 7:50pm on a Saturday night. I have 18 tasks on my to-do list for today and seven are overdue. Four of those have been overdue for over a week. I’m overwhelmed. There’s so much to do. I’m a business owner. I love my job. I love my company. I love it all. But I’m … Continue reading “I’m not okay.” [Being a business owner shouldn’t change that.]

Celebrating Three Good Things

Canadian Thanksgiving was last week and our American team members will be celebrating next month - but we wanted to take a minute today to celebrate three things that are happening in our lives right now! Nichole: 1. My business growth- my business partnerships and clients! 2. My friends and family... Especially my little nephew … Continue reading Celebrating Three Good Things

5 Celebrities & Their Mental Health

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – anyone can be affected. There are a few celebrities who stand out for me, either they’re my favourite actors or they are an influence based on how they live with their mental illness. Gillian Anderson is best known with her role as Agent Scully on X-Files.  What you may not … Continue reading 5 Celebrities & Their Mental Health