Ten Things No One Tells You About Depression

1 It’s sneaky. Depression is a very sneaky disease. Sufferers may notice a little daytime sleepiness, a bad mood that doesn’t lift after a good night’s sleep, or an aversion to being around people who ordinarily lift them up. Before they know it, they are sleeping fourteen hours a day, isolating themselves, and see no … Continue reading Ten Things No One Tells You About Depression

Navigating the Judgment Roller Coaster

A hallmark symptom of bipolar disorder is mood swings from manic highs to depressive lows—most people know that if they know nothing else about bipolar disorder. But are people familiar with the lapses in judgment that can come with a bipolar mood swing? Not really—at least I wasn’t when I was diagnosed.  It took me … Continue reading Navigating the Judgment Roller Coaster