#12DaysOfThanksgiving | Debbie’s Gratitude

In August 2007, I was exhausted. My then-husband and I had been trying to conceive for months, finally seeking the help of a specialist. As a result, I had ultrasounds and blood work, biopsies and exploratory surgery. All the while, I took increasingly complex medications to try and make my reproductive system respond as it … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | Debbie’s Gratitude

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | Thankful for My Not So Easy Kid

With Thanksgiving vastly approaching I begin to think about the things in my life that I am thankful for and my list may look very similar to others except for maybe the part where I am thankful for my stubborn, emotional, sometimes bratty kid. Let me explain… My oldest daughter is only 4 and she … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | Thankful for My Not So Easy Kid

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | Giving Thanks Despite Our Weaknesses

I have often told people, especially younger ones, not to overly worry about problem that is bothering them when they think about the future. I tell them the future is not yet now, and I often say to them, “when you get there, either the problem will no longer be there, or God will give … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | Giving Thanks Despite Our Weaknesses

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | What Julie is Thankful For

What am I thankful for today? That’s a question I try to ask myself every day, and every day I get the same answers—my relationship with Jesus, my family, my friends. Other things I’m thankful for include my doctor. my therapist, my medication, and the fact that thousands of dedicated people are looking for new … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | What Julie is Thankful For

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | Sarah’s Thankfulness

Caregivers for the mentally ill don’t always choose that role. Spouses, especially, often fall into that category. The person they married may have been healthy and then, without warning, everything can change. Stress, trauma, grief, disappointment, and many other factors can result in the emergence of an underlying mental illness. Abruptly the healthy spouse may … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | Sarah’s Thankfulness

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | What Alex is Thankful For

Ah, school. The place where we spend most of our early life. Some people love it, and then there are some people who don't. I have always been the one to enjoy learning and going to school. For my grade school and high school careers, I was a good student who always did their homework, … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | What Alex is Thankful For

#12DaysOfThanksgiving | Rosie’s Thoughts on Thankfulness

Shortsightedness seems to be a weakness of mine. It is interesting that we have a hard time trusting that things will work out when there are storms in our lives, but once we are through them, we often see the strength that grew because of them. I once heard a story about scientists who were … Continue reading #12DaysOfThanksgiving | Rosie’s Thoughts on Thankfulness