Successfully Surviving the Winter Blues

The calendar says spring is fast approaching, but for many of us, winter rages on. We cling to the moments of sunshine while wading through many inches of snow, longing for warmer days, pretty flowers, and the sound of happy birds. The longer winter is, the harder it becomes to battle back against the winter … Continue reading Successfully Surviving the Winter Blues

Keeping Your Boundaries During the Holidays

The holidays are here! One of the most important parts of this busy season is self care. We get incredibly busy and often the most talked about part of Christmas is how frazzled people are from the shopping, wrapping, baking, writing out cards, attending plays and concerts, and figuring out how to pay for and … Continue reading Keeping Your Boundaries During the Holidays

Time To Change – U.K.

Time To Change  is a U.K. based organization to help end the stigma and discrimination against mental illness. Their web-site provides information and links to help those who want to get involved, whether they've been personally affected by mental illness or not. The web-site provides resources such as pamphlets, booklets, posters, and more to help … Continue reading Time To Change – U.K.

When Your Child Leaves for College (and Takes Your Heart with Her)

We're in single digits now. That is, number of days until we move my girl into her dorm room.  Throughout her senior year, I teared up (sometimes outright cried) at all the "lasts." Her last fall drama. Her last high school musical. Her last Prom. Her last Spanish Club meeting. Her last last day of … Continue reading When Your Child Leaves for College (and Takes Your Heart with Her)

Impulse Control Disorders (ICD)

Before doing something impulsively, many of us are able to control our urge to want to do it. However, those who suffer froma  impulse control disorder (or ICD) cannot - putting them at higher risk for harming themselves or others. Some formal ICDs include: pathological gambling (PG), kleptomania, trichotillomania (TTM), compulsive skin picking, and more. … Continue reading Impulse Control Disorders (ICD)

Why the Ken doll is setting an unrealistic body image for men

I feel as though that men's body image issues are rarely discussed in today's society, and that's not okay. We always discuss women and the body image issues they face, but usually never men. Men are just as susceptible to body image issues as women. However, the differene between the two is the pressure(s) that … Continue reading Why the Ken doll is setting an unrealistic body image for men

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health is something that affects many people - that's a known fact. What isn't all that known is just how many of employees at any given job suffer from a mental illness - mainly because they're often hidden. I read this article the other day posted by Harvard Medical School that discusses how mental illness amongst … Continue reading Mental health in the workplace