Eating Disorder Awareness

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so our team at Defying Shadows decided that we would join the discussion and help raise awareness about these disorders. The following is an excerpt from a post published last year. What are Eating Disorders? An eating disorder is an illness. One that can cause serious disturbances within … Continue reading Eating Disorder Awareness

On Reading Past Journals

Hoping to find something useful for this collection, I looked through old journal entries and Stepwork from Overeaters Anonymous. The result was horrifying and eye-opening. I apparently have been kidding myself about how long I struggled for this last time. My entries were from late 2011 and 2012, and they were full of disgust and … Continue reading On Reading Past Journals

On Writing Fiction About Ed

I wrote this micro-fic in the spring of 2015, after a particularly rough binge the night before.   I had been thinking of writing this piece for some time, inspired by the Hinder song “Get Me Away From You,” which I titled this piece. ________________________________________________________________________________                 I paced the length of the hotel room, twisting the … Continue reading On Writing Fiction About Ed