Understanding the Strengths in Utilizing Your Emotions

The Challenge with Discussing Emotions What does it mean to show too much emotion? What does it mean to show too little? When discussing emotions and emotional regulation we tend to shift in the direction of extremes— the circumstances that reveal either lack of control or not showing any at all. What we find when … Continue reading Understanding the Strengths in Utilizing Your Emotions

Building Emotional Strength

What is Emotional Strength? Emotional strength is the ability to handle and cope with challenges without becoming quickly enveloped and overwhelmed by the possibilities of unfavorable outcomes. Emotional strength is responding progressively, openly, thoughtfully, and critically to what is happening. While we are aware of our emotions, we tend to allow them to guide how … Continue reading Building Emotional Strength

Advice On Controlling Your Emotions

Emotion is the thing that connects us as humans. There are generally two types of people, overly emotional people and people that claim that they feel very little emotion. Whether you're the former or the latter, everyone has issues controlling their emotions at one point. Personally, I identify with the overly emotional people, which in … Continue reading Advice On Controlling Your Emotions