Join the movement, pass it on… #SuicideIsNOTRomantic.

You’re lucky you know that? You could have died. And there’s nothing special or romantic about that. You just would have been gone. ~Julian from One Tree Hill. During my recovery and break from the working world, I made it my personal mission to watch movies... A lot of movies. A lot of black and … Continue reading Join the movement, pass it on… #SuicideIsNOTRomantic.

Common Misconceptions About Self-Esteem

“In honour of Valentine’s day this upcoming Saturday, Defying Shadows is doing a week on the different valentine shadows that can make this time of year a bit difficult. Today Melanie Stroud will be sharing some common misconceptions of Self-Esteem.  Enjoy! ~Nichole” What exactly is self-esteem? Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Society feeds … Continue reading Common Misconceptions About Self-Esteem