6 Signs that you are in a Healthy Relationship

We live in a society where we have access to articles that are published regularly about how to help our unhealthy relationships and how to decide when to end a relationship that hits the rocks. As well we are often bombarded with articles and statistics about how the divorce rates are so high within our … Continue reading 6 Signs that you are in a Healthy Relationship

3 Ways to Maximize Happiness

Happiness seems elusive sometimes, doesn't it? I've had a challenging week. (Read more about that here). I don't feel happy. I'm a recovering chronic worrier and have anxiety as well. Sometimes these two things work against me and sabotage true happiness. Our circumstances sometimes really have the ability to weigh us down, don't they? This … Continue reading 3 Ways to Maximize Happiness

#MentalHealthMonth | Supporting Those Who Struggle

This past month we discussed many different mental health concerns as well as some shadows that people may struggle with. Today I want to give you five tips that can potentially be used to support people with any mental health illness or struggle. Do your research. Find out as much as you can about what … Continue reading #MentalHealthMonth | Supporting Those Who Struggle