Building Emotional Strength

What is Emotional Strength? Emotional strength is the ability to handle and cope with challenges without becoming quickly enveloped and overwhelmed by the possibilities of unfavorable outcomes. Emotional strength is responding progressively, openly, thoughtfully, and critically to what is happening. While we are aware of our emotions, we tend to allow them to guide how … Continue reading Building Emotional Strength

How Struggle Strengthens

#Thestruggleisreal.  Most of us have seen this hashtag make its way around social media. It's usually used in a sarcastic, humorous way: "I'm out of coffee. #thestruggleisreal" or "My favorite show didn't record. #thestruggleisreal." But there are real-life, tough struggles and we all have them at some point. Sometimes the struggle is significant;  sometimes it's … Continue reading How Struggle Strengthens