Mental health in the workplace

Mental health is something that affects many people - that's a known fact. What isn't all that known is just how many of employees at any given job suffer from a mental illness - mainly because they're often hidden. I read this article the other day posted by Harvard Medical School that discusses how mental illness amongst … Continue reading Mental health in the workplace

With (no) Love, From PTSD

red notebook, pen, green mug and saucer

Dear Melanie, We're not good friends but we're very familiar ones. We even sleep together, or should I saw awaken together from horrible dreams or lay awake together with anxieties and memories. I'm with you when you're in an elevator with strangers because more often than not, strangers mean potential attackers. You just never know, … Continue reading With (no) Love, From PTSD

The Importance of Children’s Nutrition

While studying nursing in uni, one of the mandatory courses that we had to take was nutrition. One of the sections that we focused on in our course was the different populations (ie. the elderly) and the different health needs that they require (due to the changes going on within their body). As we all … Continue reading The Importance of Children’s Nutrition

Things women are taught at a young age to do and why

From a young age, women (and men) are taught things for their protection - whether they're alone or with a friend. A lot of the time, you see them advertised on the television and other media platforms. So if you're not taught them, you're exposed to them and are aware that these different techniques exist. … Continue reading Things women are taught at a young age to do and why

5 Ways To Let Someone With Asperger’s Know You Care

Allow for 'processing time' - don't assume that someone with Asperger's isn't listening when you are having a conversation with them. They may need extra time to respond to what you have said. Allowing for processing time allows someone with Asperger's the opportunity to join in a conversation instead of being talked over, rushed or … Continue reading 5 Ways To Let Someone With Asperger’s Know You Care