Celebrating Three Good Things

Canadian Thanksgiving was last week and our American team members will be celebrating next month - but we wanted to take a minute today to celebrate three things that are happening in our lives right now! Nichole: 1. My business growth- my business partnerships and clients! 2. My friends and family... Especially my little nephew … Continue reading Celebrating Three Good Things

#12DaysofThanksgiving: Melanie’s Thoughts on Thankfulness

Depending on what country in which you reside, Thanksgiving may be approaching faster for you than for others.  My family and I have another month and then some until we feast on turkey, fixings, cranberry sauce, pies, and my comfort food: mashed potatoes. But no matter when Thanksgiving comes for you or for me, it's always the right time … Continue reading #12DaysofThanksgiving: Melanie’s Thoughts on Thankfulness