#WeAllHaveAStory | The Boy With No Song

Dipon was a kid with a flair for music. He picked up songs from his father. He also enjoyed different genres of music on television and music player. He tried singing and was encouraged by his family. Especially his brother would encourage him to sing. The singing continued in front of family and some relatives … Continue reading #WeAllHaveAStory | The Boy With No Song

#WeAllHaveAStory | Julie’s Story

Let's keep the #WeAllHaveAStory submissions coming! Today we share Julie's story! Enjoy! To look at me, I’m no different than any other Southern girl you’d encounter in the small Mississippi city of Brandon—I’m five-foot-four with dark brown hair down to my shoulders and hooded brown eyes, wearing brightly –colored clothes from Belk’s Department Store and … Continue reading #WeAllHaveAStory | Julie’s Story

#WeAllHaveAStory | Aden’s Story

To end the week, I thought we would share another story... Here is Aden's Story originally published in Zen Pencils! My name is Aden, and I’m a 23-year-old writer from Singapore. This is about the comic that saved my life. Your original adaptation of Invictus. As you may know, Singapore has mandatory military conscription. It … Continue reading #WeAllHaveAStory | Aden’s Story