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Love what this site offers – safe places and confidential listeners are a saving grace for those of us walking the long, winding road of recovery. ~ Karen

I knew in high school I was depressed but nobody talked about it back then.  I medicated with drugs and alcohol until I was 23 and pregnant.  Three children later I started taking meds 3 years ago.  Finally its OK to have this disease as I call it. So thank you for sharing your story and thoughts.  Keep it up. ~ Lesley

It is pleasure to read your blog and learn about your struggle and recovery. Thanks for the wise words that you share.  I love your honesty; and I love the format of your blog. ~ April

I always enjoy reading your posts! ~Louise

I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Mental illnesses is a very touchy subject in Malaysia, in which a majority of people does not even understand, much less tolerate, people with mental illnesses. Thank you for raising awareness. ~ Angelynn

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