Gemma’s Love Letter

The following post is a continuation to our Love Letter Series from February. Although it might not be Valentine’s day, we want to thank the people who love and support us!

~ Nichole

To my husband,

Can you believe that we have been together for nearly 11 years? I feel that we are extremely fortunate enough to have met at such a young age; it means that we get more time together than a lot of other couples.

Like any other couples, we have had our ups and downs. There are so many memories that I look back fondly at; our wedding, the holidays we have been on and getting our amazing Walter. We are so lucky to have had some amazing experiences. But we have also had our own challenges to face together.

So this is my way of saying a huge thank you. I can only imagine how hard it must be at times to be married to someone with anxiety and depression; to have to see the one you love struggling immensely at times.

Thank you for being so supportive. This support you give is provided in so many ways; at medical appointments, a listening ear when my anxieties are overwhelming and encouraging me when my depression is telling me how much of an awful person I am. You give me the strength to continue to seek medical help.

Thank you for refusing to change who you are. At times it might be easier for you to just let me lie in the foetal position on the couch when I am having a bad day. But you always try to diffuse situations with your sense of humour. As much as I tell you that you are not funny, you have helped me snap out of a bad mood on countless occassions.

Thank you for working so hard to give us a better life. You work extremely long hours and I know how tired you get. You pick up the slack around the house during my darkest days and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you for refusing to let me define myself by my anxiety and depression, giving me hope when I am hopeless and loving me unconditionally.

Love your wife Gemma x

image-05-01-16-02-31Gemma is a carer/support worker for disabled children and is passionate about autism awareness. She lives with her husband and dachshund in Wigan, England. Gemma describes herself as a keen gym goer, bookworm and a fan of rock and metal music. On her blog, Lost to the Dark, Gemma blogs about her personal experiences of living with anxiety and depression. She hopes her blog spreads awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression.

You can follow Gemma on Instagram and her personal blog.

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