#FEARLESS365 is a yearlong study of God’s commandment to us to live without fear. For 365 days, we will focus on one scripture and volunteers from all over the world will share their personal thoughts and what God has shared with them on the specific verse. For more info… go here.

But do not be afraid of them; remember well what the LORD your God did to Pharaoh and to all Egypt.

Deuteronomy 7:18

I don’t know about you, but I know I have thought the same thing as the Israelites before. It starts back in chapter five where Moses starts speaking and gives the ten commandments. Leading up to this verse, Moses tells Israel that they are a chosen people who are to put God first in their lives. He says they are going to battle other armies that will seem undefeatable and they may question if they can do it. That’s where this verse comes in. Moses says, “Thou shalt NOT be afraid of them.” Moses gives the reminder and wake up call of when God delivered them from Egypt. He did it then; won’t God do it again?

I find myself worrying and being afraid of the future and its outcome all the time. I’m only 18; I have a whole life ahead of me. What will I do? Where will I live? Where will I go to college? What job will I get? Who will I marry? How will I ever make a difference in this world or someone else’s life? Again and again I find myself doubting God’s plan for me. Fear can drive me to do or think stupid things. Fear is a distraction from God; it is like a constant battle in my mind that many times I lose.

I don’t want my life to be driven by emotions, but I think you know it’s easier said than done. I think of it this way:

Fear and worry are “normal” in today’s world. In our minds that’s what everyone does. Most if not everyone hides behind their worry. Many do very well looking good on the outside, but most have been practicing all  their life. After doing it for awhile it’s not hard to pretend and live a fake life. Sometimes I do the same thing. I hide behind the shadow of fear so I can just blend with the crowd. I look fine on the outside; that’s all that matters, right? It may seem to work at first, but it’s not always easy to pretend to be “okay” when life gets dark. When life brings storms, I can’t find God and trust in Him if I’m hiding behind my fear. I don’t want to be “normal.” I don’t want to hide behind my worries and fear.

I want it to be led by God. I am at a critical age where decisions matter a lot. Moses reminisced with the Israelites of how God rescues them from hard times and will do the same in the future. That reminds me that all my decisions coming in my future are in God’s hands. He’s brought me this far; I don’t need to be afraid of what the next chapter of life has for me. I might have some hard times, but I know God will be there with me and in control the whole time.

It’s time  to stop worrying, accept His guidance, and trust that He’s got a plan. I’ll admit, it’s not easy to give up my life to someone else, but because of faith, I know that God’s  ways are better than my own. As long as I follow His lead, He will direct my paths and make my worry-filled future much clearer. There is nothing to be afraid of when I have God navigating my life.


Michael Jaymes just graduated high school in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. His life motto is: “I just want to be a blessing”

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