Life Hacks and Living with Anxiety

Everyone deals with anxiety, in some way.  Will my mother be upset for changing plans?  Did I pay that bill already?  Whatever worries you, big or small, they can build up and stress you out.

Some anxiety is healthy, letting you know you’re alive and aware of your surroundings.  Chronic anxiety occurs when there is no immediate threats or danger and this is not good for your health.

Being anxious regularly leads to lethargy, decrease cognitive function, decrease in immune function, irritable mood etc.

I have compiled a few life hacks that will help you minimize the anxiety.

  1. Use calming rituals – play your favourite playlist of calming music, meditation
  2. Take time to move daily – if exercise is not currently in your daily schedule, then just start by getting outside and taking a walk each day
  3. Communicate your anxiety – be it a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a parent, calling a loved one just to chat can be a great distraction. Connecting to others can help remind us of the important things in life and make us feel more normal.
  4. Take all things one step at a time – don’t try and do everything at once
  5. Get enough sleep – a lack of sleep affects your thinking and your energy
  6. Get some rays – Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are exhaustion, lack of energy and anxiety; to name a few.
  7. Set a daily routine – a routine helps organize your day so you know exactly what is next


captureAnita Levesque is a web and graphic designer, a mental health advocate with lived experience through loved ones; father – bipolar; brother – PTSD, depression, anxiety; mother – PTSD; boyfriend – clinical depression, severe OCD, GAD, personality disorders. The goal of her website, is to focus on personal experiences rather than articles by doctors and medical professionals who haven’t experienced mental illness.  Anita writes articles for several websites on topics such as OCD, Addictions, Suicide, PTSD and more.  She resides in Stoney Creek, Ontario and interests are photography, reading, music, learning, spending time with her family.

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3 thoughts on “Life Hacks and Living with Anxiety

  1. Great list. I have been stressed this week because of saying “yes” to too many activities. I have decided to concentrate on one activity at a time and the rest will wait. 🙂

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