Media Monday: Good To Be Alive

Jason Gray shares with Kevin Davis from New Release Tuesday the main message of this song.

“This was a song that Jason Ingram and Brandon Heath had started for Brandon’s last album but they never completed it. When I started recording for my album, Jason Ingram asked if I wanted to consider finishing writing the song and record it myself. I heard the opening drum loop and I just knew it would be a great song and melody. I was so honored to be part of the song. We wanted to take the sentiment of the chorus–“I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow, Love like I’m on borrowed time, It’s good to be alive”–and give it a new angle.

So many of the other songs on my album are about finding a way to see in the dark in periods of shame and hopelessness. I wasn’t sure what my audience would think of me recording such a pop song. I knew if I was going to record the song, it needed to be meaningful. At the end of the day, because the other songs are such heavy topics, this song is a breath of fresh air and an important song on the album.

We had this huge pop chorus, and it became about how to bring meaning to the chorus in the verses by saying something new. My angle was that I remember watching my kids one day when they were laughing and horsing around and how much I enjoyed watching them have fun. They didn’t know I was watching, and they weren’t doing anything for my benefit. I wondered if that’s what it’s like for our Heavenly Father when he watches us have fun. In that case, our embracing things that give us joy can be a meaningful act of worship.” (To read the whole article, check it out here.)


If the life that we’ve been given
Is made beautiful in the living
And the joy that we get brings joy to the heart of the giver
Then right here, right now
This is the song I’m singing out

I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
Love like I’m on borrowed time
It’s good to be alive
I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
Love like I’m on borrowed time
It’s good to be alive

I won’t take it for granted
I won’t waste another second
All I want is to give You
A life well lived to say, “Thank You”


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