Depression & Disturbing Dreams

Depression is sneaky, it creeps up out of nowhere and you’re blindsided, thinking “Where did this come from?” “How do I make it stop?” That seems to be the question that everyone wants answered,  but there isn’t a clear cut answered.

Many people turn to sleep to help their depression, but what happens when nightmares invade the only safe haven you have? It’s miserable. Dreams are the subconscious taking form. Depression does influence dreams, and especially disturbing dreams. Maybe you dream of your worst fears coming to life, that is inclination that you feel as if your life is spiraling out of your control. Maybe you dream of being trapped, in that case you probably feel as if you’re stuck in a certain place in your life that you can’t get out of.

Whatever the case may be, disturbing dreams indicate that you have an underlying issue that you need to come to terms with, maybe you don’t even know what the problem is. Counsellors are people that help you face your problems, and they show you healthy tools to use that will help you over come them. If you’ve come to a place where you are held captive by your depression during the day and your nightmares at night, it may be a good idea to seem out professional help.

No matter what you’re going through, please know that there is help out there. There are people that are ready and willing to help you with whatever you’re facing without judgment, please don’t let yourself get to the point of feeling like you have no other options. You’re more important than you may think and stronger than you know. Please never forget that. You’re never alone, you are beautiful, and you are so very loved.


FullSizeRenderMelanie is just an ordinary girl, living an extraordinary life. She has Spina Bifida, which caused her to be born paralyzed from the waist down, she has had twenty-three surgeries, but she has never let that stop her from achieving her dreams. Melanie was a psychology major, before being forced to drop out due to medical issues, as devastating as that was, she picked herself back up and decided to pursue her dream of being an author, she is currently working on her first small book called “Befuddled Societies guide to Spina Bifida,” which will be out in a few weeks, hopefully. Melanie also suffers from anxiety and depression, and that’s the reason she wants to help others going through the same thing – because she knows how it feels to feel all alone.

You can follow Melanie S at her Facebook page.

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