What Bipolar Disorder Looks Like (With the Help of GIFs)

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that affects not only the person with it, but everyone around them as well. Today I wanted to share a bit more about what it’s like to have Bipolar Disorder.

1Having Bipolar Disorder can be described as drastic mood fluctuations between happy and sad.

2Sometimes the moods fluctuate quickly, but other times they take days, weeks or even months to change.

3People around you might mistake you for being the hulk.

4When you’re manic, your awesome and invincible!

5It is not uncommon to go on some serious shopping sprees and have no regrets about spending all your money – even the money that is supposed to pay your bills.

6No regrets has a completely different meaning to someone in a manic state.

7Oh, and sleep? Yea, not happening.

8Eventually what goes up, must come down and you’re depressive state causes you to lose sight of who you really are.

9This can cause confusion as to why you’re keeping up all the commitments your manic-self made.

10You’re mind races faster than a race-car on the speedway!

11And you have no idea what to do to make it all slow down or how to keep going.

12This leads to frustration because you have no control over any of it and you just want to be “normal.”

13Waking up is no fun in a depressive state because it means you have to face another day.

14Oh and getting out of bed? It looks something like this, if you actually get out of bed at all.

15People say they understand what you’re going through, but let’s face it. No one truly understands your personal situation but you.

16When people call you moody, you laugh, because being moody is for amateurs!

17You hate that you have no control over your emotions, and all you want to do is be the pilot for a few minutes.

18Juggling emotions look something like this…. Aka: Watch Out!

19Bipolar Disorder can cause forgetfulness which can be super embarrassing or frustrating, especially if you forget something that you’re supposed to be really good at.

20People try to “fix” you all the time, but when they finally realize they can’t, they disappear from your life.

21All this adds up and in the end, It’s Just Not Fair!

22But in the words of Bradley Cooper, “Take all this negativity and use it as fuel” to get through another day and find a way to make it all work.

10407911_381659608709717_5593303683011749961_nNichole is a Social Media Marketing Manager, student, daughter and friend. She’s working on her Marketing Diploma and has a Certificate of Christian Theology. She is an avid coffee lover who enjoys a good movie or book. She takes great joy in organizing, scheduling, and volunteering. Her passion for volunteerism extends specifically to those who are hurting, whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Nichole is certified to provide Mental Health First Aid, which means she can provide immediate support and guidance in a safe environment, comfortably have a conversation about mental health related issues and offer professional and other supports. This does NOT make Nichole a psychologist, or a counselor. It simply gives her the tools to direct people to the help they need.

You can follow Nichole on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

2 thoughts on “What Bipolar Disorder Looks Like (With the Help of GIFs)

  1. First of all I would like to thank you for taking your time to acknowledge bipolar disorder.
    Everything I’ve read is me to a “T”.
    I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar w/ schizoaffective, anxiety, panic, PTSD disorders “I know I’m a mess”
    I have stayed up for almost 3 weeks with very little sleep at night.
    I am a 57 year old woman who needs her sleep, nevertheless I’ve been staying up writing poems. I’ve never ever wanted, or thought of writing a poem, much less 5 going on 6 in a month.
    I would like to share them with someone, I just don’t know how to go about doing it.
    I have pictures that I have found on the internet to mimic the poem.
    I’m not sure how good they are, but I was feeling what I wrote at that time.
    I was thinking maybe I would help someone looking for the words that they were looking for, and that they weren’t alone in how they felt.
    I know I researched and researched to find someone or reading material of how I felt. It’s not easy!

    Please let me know if you would like to publish or share with someone you might know struggling with bipolar disorder. I will provide my email with you.
    Thank you for your time and
    God Bless!

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